S-oil Korea

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S-OIL was established in 1976 and cultivated management characteristics with a mobility to match the international generation, and a management strategy for its profit-base to grow as a competitive oil-refining company.

The company has facilities that produce lube base oil, petro-chemical products, and crude oil refining facilities of 669,000 barrels a day in the Onsan Industrial Complex of Ulsan. Based on the Xylene Center, which is the world’s largest PX production facility, and the Bunker-C Cracking Center of worldwide standard, the company is establishing itself as a company that leads in environment protection and consumer protection by producing and supplying high quality petroleum products.

S-OIL has been firm in its position as the leading company in the lubricant market, reforming development and sustainable change after entering the lubricant business.
S-OIL diversified its lubricant portfolio according to market demands, and S-OIL possesses both a lubricant brand with economic feasibility in the form of Dragon, and a high quality lubricant market that is represented in S-OIL 7. S-OIL lubricant product is in charge of the sales and production at S-OIL TOTAL LUBRICANT, established by combining with TOTAL Raffinage Marketing S.A company in 2008

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