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Xuất xứ: USA
Khuyễn mãi: Móc khóa

Mô tả

Mô tả

B2 Oil Supplement
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General Description

Bardahl B2 Oil Supplement is designed for older engines or engines operating under high loads such as trailer towing. Reduces oil burning and blowby. Restores compression and power. B2 contains Bardahl’s “Polar Plus” (Triple Protection) formula.


  • Stops oil consumption and burning
  • Concentrated Polar Attraction
  • Reduces smoke/engine wear
  • Increases oil pressure

ENGINE: Gas, Diesel
PRODUCT SIZE: 24x350ml
PRODUCT TYPE: Oil Additive
RECOMMENDED USE: Add at each oil change and between changes as needed

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  1. Được xếp hạng 5 5 sao

    Boss Oil Bank

    Very good !

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